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hello my name is bailey. I like a variety of stuff. There is one thing i must get clear though, I do not draw anything i post. If I drew it i will say so. Some of the content i find is from facebook and it is very hard to find the artist. If i just so happen to post any art work of yours PLEASE FEEL FREE to add your name to let people know it was your masterpiece. Other then that please enjoy my blog and have a nice day :)

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I’m Natsu, and right now I’m gonna … eat you!

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Chihiro taking the Ice bucket challenge.

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↳Noodle through phase 1, 2 and 3

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Studio Ghibli + Ponyo Gifsets [7/50]

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ポケモン★ by 阿一@PM廢人
※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist. Do not
edit, use or reprint to another website without artist’s

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"I personally think that what money you have should be spent on getting us back home, or at least on buying me some decent cat food."

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